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About US

~History ~

Founded specifically for FUN-TO-LEARN, we’re dedicated to developing great tech for kids. Technology opens up the world for future generations to learn, play, communicate and more-and our goal at Redix STEM is to help those youngsters take their first steps into tech.

Since our founding in 1999, we’ve put together a global team with decodes of specialist experience in hardware, software and accessory design and development.

With our offices in United States, Hong Kong and China, we’re able to draw on a diverse range of talent to bring families a fantastic and fun education experience.


Our aim is to inspire kids to learn and have fun at the same time. Whether that be their first steps into tech or a way to get your phone back, we believe that it all starts when kids are having fun. With games that are specifically designed for development of key skills, such as Maths, Reading & Writing, Logical reasoning. Creative skills are also equally important with your child’s development. We have that covered, with painting, colouring and musical items to fee that creative spark within your child.

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