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Our Competitions


1. *探月號機械臂採集月球石比賽*:挑戰學生設計並操作機械臂來模擬月球石採集。
2. *AI智慧城市設計比賽*:發揮創意,運用AI技術設計未來智慧城市。
3. *3D筆模型創作大賽*:用3D筆製作富有創意與技術含量的模型。
4. *智能遊戲機組裝比賽*:考驗學生的組裝技能和電子知識,打造獨一無二的遊戲機。


Welcome to our competition webpage! We will be hosting a series of exciting STEAM competitions aimed at nurturing the youth of the Greater Bay Area to become the pillars of Hong Kong's innovation and technology industry. The competition categories include:

1. *Lunar Rover Robotic Arm Lunar Stone Collection Competition*: Challenge students to design and operate a robotic arm to simulate lunar stone collection.
2. *AI Smart City Design Competition*: Tap into creativity and use AI technology to design future smart cities.
3. *3D Pen Model Creation Contest*: Create innovative and technically rich models using a 3D pen.
4. *Smart Gaming Console Assembly Competition*: Test students' assembly skills and electronics knowledge to build unique gaming consoles.

These competitions not only enhance practical skills but also encourage innovative thinking. Sign up now to showcase your talent and creativity!

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